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The federal and state government war on drugs means that the use, possession, or manufacturing of certain controlled substances can result in severe repercussions. California, in particular, has some of the most complex and strict illegal drug and controlled substance laws in the country. For example, the range of illegal drug-related activities is extensive, including possession for personal use or sale, selling or giving drugs to someone, transporting, cultivating, attempting to purchase, sell, manufacture, or being under the influence of drugs.

If you have been charged with a drug offense in Los Angeles County, you are entitled to have a strong legal defense on your side to protect your rights and future. The Amer Law Firm has provided efficient, aggressive legal representation for individuals facing a variety of drug-related charges and successfully achieved reduced or dismissed charges. To schedule a free and confidential case evaluation with a resourceful, uncompromising drug crime lawyer, call (866) 431-2637 or submit an online contact form.

What are Controlled Substances?

Drugs or chemicals that are considered controlled substances are governed by state or federal laws because they pose a high risk of abuse and psychological or physical dependence. Controlled substances are separated into six categories or schedules depending on the level of potential for dangerous dependency and abuse. Even drugs or chemicals that provide an accepted medical use can be treated as an illegal controlled substance if it is used, possessed, sold, or manufactured without consent by a medical professional.

Common drug-related crimes in California include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs, codeine, and other narcotics.

What are the Charges for Drug Offenses in LA?

Drug offenses are typically charged and punished based on the type and quantity involved, as well as the suspect’s intended use and criminal history. The following activities related to controlled substances may result in serious consequences:

Possession for Personal Use

Under California Health and Safety Code Sections 11350 and 11377, it is a misdemeanor or infraction to possess controlled substances, depending on the type of drug and the amount that is present.

Drug Possession with the Intention to Sell

In this case, there does not have to be evidence of a sale, simply that there was an intention to sell. Typically, intent to sell is based on circumstantial evidence. For example, possessing larger quantities of a controlled substance than is typically expected for personal use may provide evidence of the intent to sell. This offense is charged as a felon.

Drug Trafficking

Helping with the sale or purchase of controlled substances can result in a felony charge

Developing or Cultivating

It is a felony crime to develop, grow, cultivate, or produce controlled substances in any way.

What is the Difference between Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges?

Misdemeanor charges typically carry lower penalties than a felony charge in California. For example, the maximum sentence for a misdemeanor drug possession offense is one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. A felony drug possession charge, on the other hand, may result in a maximum of five years in a state prison. These classifications determine the severity of the punishment.

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