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Juvenile Drug Crimes

Drug crime charges affect thousands of juveniles throughout southern California every year. While many teenagers and pre-teens struggle with addiction, law enforcement works to convict them of serious crimes and subject them to serious penalties. If you are under the age of 18 and have been charged with a drug crime, you may not be eligible for the same devastating penalties as adults, but a conviction can damage your life for years to come.

If you or your child has been accused of a juvenile drug crime, do not wait to begin defending yourself. Call the experienced juvenile drug crime attorneys at The Amer Law Firm at (866) 431-2637 and receive a free consultation on your case. With our help, you can better understand what steps you should take to fight back against charges and how we can defend you both in and out of court.

What Drugs are Illegal for Juveniles?

Juveniles are subjected to the same laws regarding drugs as adults. Marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and recreational use of prescription medicine are all against the law in California. Police do not have to witness you using these drugs to charge you with a crime; they can simply charge you with possession if you have the substance on you or in your home. Even small amounts of illegal drugs can lead to serious charges and the most serious the drug, the less you have to have to be charged with a major crime.

There are many different types of actions involving illegal drugs in California that are classified as illegal. These illegal actions include possession, intent to distribute, sale, transportation, and cultivation. Prosecutors treat each of these actions differently and will attempt to seek different degrees of punishment depending on the crime.

What are the Penalties for Juvenile Drug Crimes?

California law bases the penalties for drug crimes on the type of drug, the actions taken with the drug, and the amount of the illegal substance. Some drugs, such as marijuana, carry less severe penalties. And even crimes involving large amounts of the drug will be punished less severely than crimes involving small amounts of methamphetamine or heroin.

While transportation and cultivation can result in some of the most severe penalties, a large portion of juvenile drug crimes revolve around possession, intent to distribute, and sale.

Juvenile drug charges are meant to help young defendants recover from drug dependency and prevent future crimes. However, many prosecutors will still seek severe penalties that do more harm than good. With a skilled attorney, you can have charges dropped or reduced, resulting in preferable alternative penalties.

What is Alternative Sentencing for Juvenile Drug Crimes?

Many juvenile drug crimes are due to addiction. If you are charged with a crime that was caused by your addiction, you can seek alternative sentencing. In these cases, law enforcement will pursue options that are meant to help you cope with addiction, instead of just being punished for a crime.

Instead of sending you to juvenile hall or jail, alternative penalties include probation, participating in rehabilitation services, and completing community service. By successfully completing these programs, you can avoid far worse punishments. But only the help of an experienced attorney can have charges reduced in order to avoid severe punishments.

Finding a Skilled Juvenile Drug Crime Attorney

Long Beach juvenile crime defense lawyer Al Amer is ready to help you in your case today. With years of courtroom success and a wide variety of resources, attorney Amer and the legal team at The Amer Law can give you the best chance at a successful defense. Start off your defense with a no-cost consultation by calling our law firm at (866) 431-2637.

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