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Obstruction of Justice

You could face serious criminal penalties in Los Angeles County if the authorities believe you delayed, resisted or obstructed law enforcement officers while they were performing their duties. The act of preventing or hindering an officer or emergency medical personnel can result in misdemeanor or even felony charges. Anyone facing these types of allegations will need to act fast to build a strong defense.

A criminal conviction – whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor – can prove costly. You may lose your job and career. Your driver's license may be taken away from you. You may even lose your professional license or your property. Please do not take a chance. Contact the top criminal defense attorneys at The Amer Law Firm to find out how we can help you.

California Law

Under California Penal Code 148: "Every person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical technician…in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his or her office or employment," can face criminal charges. The consequences of a criminal conviction are always serious, but the potential penalties increase substantially for obstruction of justice if the defendant disrupted communication or removed a weapon from the officer.

An Officer's Duty

In a case involving California Penal Code 148, the prosecution must establish that the officer was performing his or her duties at the time of the incident. These duties can include making an arrest or keeping the peace. It is illegal to disrupt an officer who is traveling to the scene of a crime, interviewing people while investigating a crime or simply monitoring a suspect who is in custody.

Resisting Arrest

Many obstruction of justice cases involve resisting arrest. It is illegal to struggle with police officers who are in the act of applying handcuffs. It is even a crime to jeer at officers who are arresting a friend of yours or to give a false name to officers who are interviewing you about a crime. Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor that can result in a $1,000 fine and even a year in jail.

In addition to fines and potential jail time, a resisting arrest conviction will also result in the creation of a criminal record. It may prove difficult to deal with police officers in the future if you have a conviction for resisting arrest on your record. Therefore, you may want to consider fighting the charges by arguing that the police were engaged in misconduct, that you were acting in self-defense or that you were wrongfully accused.

Under California Penal Code 69, it is a crime to use threat or violence to prevent an executive officer from performing his or her duties. This law applies to all executive officers, including police officers, and can result in misdemeanor of felony charges.

Obstruction of Justice in the Courtroom

Obstruction of justice charges do not always result from physically resisting arrest. Some cases result from the actions of a defendant already involved in a legal proceeding. Any conduct that hinders the judicial process can result in serious criminal charges. Many of the most serious obstruction of justice cases involve allegations that the defendant bribed or threatened a witness, judge, lawyer or the jury. A conviction can result in up to 10 years in jail as well as excessive fines, community service, probation and the creation of a criminal record.

Understanding Your Rights

Obstruction of justice charges carry significant criminal penalties. Anyone facing these types of criminal allegations will need to act quickly to build a solid defense. If you have been arrested, it is almost always best to not answer any questions from the authorities, simply request an attorney and remain silent.

The knowledgeable Long Beach criminal defense attorneys at The Amer Law Firm know and understand the challenges defendants and their families undergo in such cases. If you or a loved one has been arrested on suspicion of obstruction of justice, please contact our law offices at (866) 431-2637 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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